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Help With Scanning


If you wish to scan & create a digital version of your image(s) on your home scanner it's fine.
You will need to supply an image to us that is of a high enough resolution to be suitable for printing.

As a rule, your image should be no lower than 300 ppi (pixels per inch). In many circumstances it is preferable for more.

Many old pre-1960's images can be small in physical size. If it is your intention to reprint your image at a more modern increased size, the quality of your image copy will be enhanced immeasurably by a higher ppi; for example, 600 ppi.

If you are not familiar with your home scanner software, we have found a couple of youtube video tuturial videos that may be of some help. Remember to pay attention to that 'ppi' - oh and some software may refer to it as 'dpi'.

Make sure your scanner bed is free of dust.

Save your image to the best possible quality. JPEG compression will degrade your image. We suggest saving your image as a 'tiff (.tif)' if possible.

Alternatively, if you have a good quality camera (or even telephone camera) it is possible to take a digital photograph of your photo.