Picture Fixer Photo Restoration

FaQ's & Terms

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How are your prices calculated?
A. Our prices are based on an estimate of how long it will take to restore you photo. All our work is done manually as there is no 'magic' fix software that auto processes your photograph

Q. If I send you a photo, will my original photo be safe?
A. Yes. We will professionally scan your photograph and this is stored for 12 months (along with your restored photo).
We appreciate that your photographs are historical document and we will treat them with the care and respect they deserve pending their return.
Your original photo will be returned to you in a card backed envelope, 2nd class signed for.

Q. Do you repair colour photographs?
A. Yes. We endeavour to repair all kinds of photo.

Q. Can you enlarge a part of a photo?
A. Yes. though this depends on the size & quality of the original print.

Q. Can you replace missing parts of a photograph?
A. Yes, if the missing or damaged part of a photograph is similar or replicated elsewhere on the picture. Sometimes it is possible to take missing information from other photographs of the same or similar subject matter.

Q. Can you edit or remove people or elements from a photograph?
A. Generally Yes. but some photographs will need more work than others.

Q. Can I send a scan I have made myself?
A. Yes. Please see our scanning page.

Q. Can you make a blared photograph into a sharper image?
A. Generally not if an original photograph is out of focus. Stating that, sometimes photographic elements can be sharpened. It depends on the original source.

Q. Can I call to discuss things?
A. Yes, we will be delighted to talk to you and you will be given a phone number on our email communications. The number isn't on the site thanks to cold calling. Please use the web site contact form to make contact.


Terms & Conditions

We never pass your details to any third party.

We will not use customer supplied data (email & address) for marketing.

Your address & email will be kept on file for 12 moths. This is purely for use if further issues or questions arise concerning our work or your image.

No payment data is stored by picturefixer.

Refunds. We only want you to be happy with your photo restoration but we can not issue a refund after image approval.

Your image (original & restored) will be kept on our server for a period of 12 months.

The customer agrees that they have copyright, ownership or necessary permissions of supplied images.

While we always do our best to care for your photographs, though we can't be held responsible for problems with the postal service. Your images will be returned to you 2nd class signed for delivery in a card backed envelope. This will add £3.40 to your bill. Other mail services are available on request.